Gluten and Sourdough

Two interesting facts about gluten and sourdough. One, gluten is vital in making sourdough and two, sourdough has less gluten that most other wheat items.

People seem to view gluten as a light switch. Food either has gluten or it does not. That is not the case. Gluten is more like a light dimmer. Some foods have more of it than others. Sourdough is on the lower side of that scale.  Continue reading

Welcome to Sourdough

My goal here is to convince you to give homemade sourdough bread a try. Not to do it forever, just one try.

What is sourdough? Sourdough is fermented bread. Most of us are familiar with commercial yeast. These are the yeast packets you can buy that allow a person to make some type of bread in a matter of hours. The yeast is cheap, it works and they are sold everywhere.    Continue reading