My starter has come out of hibernation

When winter approaches one must protect their sourdough starter. The yeast you capture thrive in warmth. As September turns to Fall it can, in some areas of the country/world to keep your yeast happy and active. 

In the summer I keep my starter on the counter. I enjoy looking at it in the same way someone looks at a fish tank. This container of a light tan sludge is alive and keeping tabs on it is something I enjoy.

I bake all year long, so my starter’s health is something I cannot let slip. When the temperature begins to fall I move my starter from the kitchen counter to a smallish closet that also has a small freezer, printer, router, etc. These electronics keep the room semi warm, not hot. It is the perfect fake summer environment to keep your starter active.

In California this week the temperature hit the upper 70’s and low 80’s, this weekend I plan on replanting my starter on it’s humble countertop throne.