Size matters in baking vessel

The French standard in bread baking yields two loaves. Many people, including me, made the mistake of thinking the whole dough goes into the oven…nope! Most recipes will have 1000g of flour total, or close to that, and will be divided into two equal boules. Do not make the mistake of baking in too large a pot.

When I started baking I used a 6 qt cast iron dutch oven. I had the pot for years and thought it would be a perfect match. Boy was I wrong.

The pot was too big for the dough I was using. Instead of the bread rising up, it was spreading out. This did not yield the beautiful tall and round boule that I desired. Instead, I got wide, dinner plate boules that really looked more like UFO’s.

Using a smaller 4 or 5 qt pot will really cradle the dough and give it no space to spread so it will grow.

REMINDER, no bread is a total failure. I have had loaves do all sorts of wild things in the oven, split, spread, not rise at all, etc, what the all have in common is they all still taste great!