Waking your starter up

Welcome back. When you have a sleeping starter in the fridge it will take a few days, at least before you can bake again. You need to build yeast momentum again…here’s how to do it.

First step it to bring your starter back to room temperature, or close to it. Pull it out of the fridge and leave it on the counter for 30-60min. Next, measure out 200g into your large plastic tub. To it add 400g AP flour, 100g wheat flour and 400g warm water. Mix it up and leave it in a warm area for 24hr.

Come back the next day and repeat the process. What we are trying to do it building up the yeast momentum. Think of yeast as a freight train. When the culture is active, it is very responsive to feedings and can be used in recipes.

When young, new or after sleeping the energy is low and it takes multiple days and feedings for it to really come alive.