Bread, the forgotten ingredient

My favorite food is a good sandwich. The sandwich however suffers from a great offense from many deli’s..the bread.

For decades bread was an afterthought. It was just an edible plate to get the burger, turkey, ham, peanut butter, etc into the mouth. As a bread lover it pains me to have a sandwich or burger ruined because all the craftsmanship went into the meat.

I have to mention a sandwich shop I saw advertised during a recent San Francisco Giants game. Mr. Pickle. I have heard of this sandwich shop but I have never eaten their. That is about to change. Their latest commercial is a yeasty thing of beauty.

Not once do they take about meat, or cheese, or toppings, sauces or dips. Nope. The entire spot is about the bread, or as they say, “…the foundation of a sandwich.” YES! Someone gets it. And the icing on the cake? They use sourdough!

Three cheers to Mr. Pickle.