Finding true sourdough? Look to the back

If this blog never inspires you to make a loaf of your own that is fine. Really it is. But something I will not take lightly is not being able to recognize real sourdough. Here is how to do it.

It is simple in theory. Always remember true sourdough has three ingredients; flour, water and salt. Some may light the starter on its own so it may read, flour, water, starter (flour and water), salt. That is fine. Just remember the big three, flour water, salt.

Never make the mistake of believing a front label that says sourdough. This could be a lie. It may taste of sourdough but it could be full of ingredients and its sourdough flavor could be made by using citric acid or other sour based replicas.

Read the back for true sourdough If there is a laundry list of ingredients try the next one.