Look at the crumb. It tells the story.

You did everything right. Right? You took time and care, you paid attention but something just did not work out. What was it?

Look at the holes. Those holes are really bubbles of gas released from the yeast. After the bacteria eat the flour they release the gas that will get caught in the gluten web and help the bread rise. So…if your bread did not rise the way you would have liked the bubbles tell a tall of what could have gone wrong.

If your bubbles are really big, like really, really big then take more time during the stretch and fold. This step not only develops gluten but mixes the yeast and its food source together. Also, work on your stretch and fold. If the bubbles are very small maybe non-existent do the opposite.

If your boule looks more like a UFO you have over proofed the dough.  am hesitant to give out specific time for proofing as the environment will speedup or slowdown the process. Just keep an eye on it.